the mighty avengers

Much like my other Marvel posts, this one came about because I either haven't drawn the heroes before or it has been a long time and my style has changed. Of these characters, I think I'd only drawn Captain America and maybe Iron Man and Hawkeye. I've just recently gotten in to Thor (who is awesome) and I'm not really a fan of Vision, AntMan or Wasp, but added them to help round out the team. I didn't want the Avengers to be a boys club, but I didn't want to add Wasp without AntMan.
It's funny how many odd things come up in different members of the Avengers. IronMan and Thor both have circular details on their costumes... Hawkeye and Cap both have buccaneer style boots... Cap and Thor both have wings on their heads... Vision and IronMan have similar shapes on their faces...
I don't understand it, but you've got to love these guys.

- x