Anyone remember these old X-Men trading cards from the 90s? I don't think I had any growing up but a few years ago one of my buddies gave me all of his. I was looking at them recently and thought it would be fun to redraw a few of them, so starting with #1 is Cyclops.

"No one embodies the beliefs and dreams of Professor X better than Cyclops, his most beloved student. A founding X-Man, he's grown from a troubled youth into a confident leader of the Blue team!"

Oh the Blue Team... stacked so much better than the Gold Team. Be sure to check back for more trading card re-draws.


Custom Cartoon Portraits

Ever wanted to see yourself or someone you love as a cartoon? Just email me at natexopher@gmail.com with these three things:
1-Photos of the person or people to be included
2-Eye colors of the people included
3-Color you want used for your background
Then wait up to two weeks (depending on demand) and you will receive a high quality print of your custom cartoon portrait. It's that easy! These are perfect for birthdays or anniversaries.

Digital print out starts at $40 for up to two people with an additional $5 for each additional person - 5x7, 8x10 or 11x17" for easy framing