invasion - watx

hey everybody, sorry for the long delay. Part of it was taking a little break after GCCC and part of it was my job changing gears again. Anyway, this contest deadline forced me to finish an image (I've got some more on the way soon).

1 Million to Save Wolverine and the X-Men on Facebook is holding another art contest (deadline is tomorrow) and this is my entry. There are polls occasionally to see who will invade next, but I don't think the Sentinel will ever win a popularity contest. Still, he makes perfect sense for an invasion. Plus you have to love the combination of a character being terrifying and completely goofy looking.


gem city comic con 2011

Thank you to everyone who came and saw our table (and especially those who bought our merchandise!)

Apparently GCCC has been such a success lately that next year it will be TWO DAYS! Think you can handle it? Yeah, that's what we're wondering too. Hopefully this year we'll be able to go to some other cons to help gear up for next year.

It was definitely a great time. For more photos be sure to check out Janae's recap. Also check out Lee's new website. And check back here for some more updates soon!



I just got back from my printer and now I'm even more excited for the GEM CITY COMIC CON! Don't forget to come see us Sunday (and remember to use this coupon).

You can check out all of the prints I'll be selling this year here. Lee will have some classic DC heroes and his first TPB, Rock of Pages!

I've never drawn Deadpool before, but what better reason to try him out than to celebrate my second year at GCCC? One of the great things about Deadpool is that he can get away with just about anything since he's crazy...

I'll (hopefully) see you Sunday!