Avengers Assembled

My team of Avengers is finally assembled! This will be one of my new prints at conventions this year and you can buy it right now as a t-shirt for only $14 on my TeePublic shop!

I'll keep posting the individual characters and the design decisions that went into them, so go buy a shirt and check back for more updates.

Assembling - Quicksilver

When I was drawing Quicksilver I realized that I'm not really a big fan of most of his costumes. The old ones all feel too dated (diagonal zig zag and black underwear) and his newest costume doesn't quite look like the character to me. I took a lot of inspiration from his Age of Ultron look, but tried to make it more of a super hero costume instead of athletic wear. I also liked the idea of him having stubble since there aren't too many characters that can get away with it.


Assembling - Scarlet Witch

I honestly didn't expect to like Wanda or Pietro very much in Age of Ultron, but boy was I wrong. They were both such great additions and Wanda especially was a scene stealer. I went with more of her modern look, even taking some influence by some proposed movie designs, and of course had to include that head piece. Is there a name for that thing? It's definitely not a mask. Anyway, I wanted to avoid the pink body suit and red corset combo, so I went with the newer jacket look.