Just an update on Zero's turn around from last time. I wasn't quite satisfied with having just the outline around the far edges of the character, so I spent some time adding more linework. Also, thanks to Lee Xopher pointing out that you can use Photoshop to make animated GIFs, I present to you Zero spinning forever with proper coloring.



Bishop apparently comes from a future where the mullet is still in fashion. But seriously... Bishop has a really cool mutant power and was overall a good enough member of the X-family until recently. I think Bishop (along with many other cool mutants) tend to get lost in the masses so it's always nice to see him pop up in video games and different things ... although video games tend to focus on him using guns despite having a much cooler mutant power. And I guess if we're being totally honest I'd rather have Cable included in something than Bishop.

Unable to return to the brutal future timeline he calls home, Bishop now uses his formidable fighting skills as a member of the team he once knew only as legend: the uncanny X-Men!