Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Lord

I've been working the whole team lately. I'll be adding all of the Guardians over the weekend. To kick it all off, here's Star Lord.


Boy x Girl x Tree

I'm happy to announce my first Boy x Girl prints are now available on my society6 store!

I have made a few paintings in the past with my boy and girl theme, but now you can own them as prints, posters, canvases, mugs, phone cases and more.

Check out my shop for other designs, too.



I think Forge should always be at the mansion building stuff for the team -- upgrades to Cerebro, the Blackbird, Danger Room and creating cool new tech.

Inventor, shaman, adventurer -- all these words describe Forge, whose myriad talents have proven their worth time and time again in battle at the side of the X-Men -- and are now put to the test in his new role as X-Factor's government liason!


Science is Fun part II

Here's another random selection of science graphics that I've had to create for work



I really enjoyed recreating this card -- probably because it was so much easier than they usually are!

Polaris's powerful attraction is more than her beauty! It could be the pull of her mutant magnetic abilities -- or maybe the appeal of a woman dedicated to the fight for justice!



Havok has had some bad luck with costumes. His original had goofy head-gear and this biker jacket and head-sock isn't a whole lot better. Why did everyone have that thing on their head back in the 90s? It's so impractical and serves no purpose. His face, ears and hair are all showing -- that's not a mask!

The once-impulsive brother of the X-Man Cyclops has matured into a seasoned, capable leader in his own right -- as the head of the crusading band of mutants known as X-Factor!


Emma Frost

 I've been working on a lot more character posters in preparation for this year's conventions. First up, is the White Queen herself -- Emma Frost.


Science is Fun part I

Here are a handful of the infographic style images I've had to do for work. In addition to manufacturing and selling scientific equipment, we also have a science resource 'book' website. This gives me a chance to try to simplify scientific concepts in to easily understood graphics.