okay, so i've had a bit of a creative block lately. it's not that i've had a lack of ideas, it's almost that i've had too many. i haven't been able to focus. i'd just keep thinking about dinosaurs, ninjas, outer space, monkeys, isolation, magic, cowboys, super powers and so on instead of really trying to nail anything down. however, just recently i've broken through and come to the other side. hopefully i'll be able to keep rolling and keep creating instead of frustrating myself with trying to start things that i can already see the end to.

so back to work on the super squad with some new ideas and new goals.

stay tuned!


Rose Pedal Samurai

so i guess we're going live with this and we're going full force. this is that project i've been teasing you all with for a while now. some buddies from high school made some awesome music but pictured it as much more than that, so they contacted me about some character design, illustration opportunities and this is what we came up with. hope you dig it. i know we're totally pumped!

music video for 'sleeping sound' can be found here

and if you totally dig us, join our facebook group here

hope to see you there!