fantastic four and comic con two

So this is the second year my brother and i will be at the GEM CITY COMIC CON! If you're from the southern Ohio area you should definitely come check it out. Admission is pretty cheap and you can even use this coupon.

So most of my latest posts are the prints I'll be selling this year. you can check out all the prints here... plus I have one more to reveal before the Con. Lee will have some classic DC heroes and his first TPB, Rock of Pages! We are bringing it this year and we'd love to see you there.

In honor of Johnny "Human Torch" Storm dying this year, I reworked my version of the F4. I like the futuristic look of the new team uniforms, so I tried to incorporate some of that into their classic blue.

Hope to see you Sunday Sunday Sunday!


avengers: thor

so i had never read any thor until j. michael straczynski had a crack at him. i loved it. so much so that my wife (or fiancee at the time) bought me cuff links with thor on them. it's crazy how much changed while thor was out of commission, but i really like how he was (understandably) angry with iron man for what tony had done, and when freakin bucky shows up as captain america, thor is more than a little skeptical.

i tried to blend a few different versions of thor's costumes, classic, new, ultimate, and i even referenced the new cartoon for his helmet. i gave him the beard because not many superheroes can get away with one.

thanks for looking!


avengers: iron man

he hasn't really been a favorite in comics for a while, but he's still a hugely iconic character. iron man's first movie was great and janae even really liked it. i think that says a lot for a comic book movie when someone who doesn't really like comics or action movies still enjoys it. the second iron man movie wasn't as great, but you can tell it was just getting pulled in too many directions. i still liked iron man 2, but here's hoping his next two showings (avengers and iron man 3) will be better

thanks for looking!


avengers: captain america

have i ever mentioned my favoritism for cap? it really has nothing to do with his comics or really anything about his official continuity. it's all because i bought an action figure of him as a kid and just loved to play with that thing. all i knew about his backstory was what i learned from the 90s spider-man cartoon.  still, he was one of my favorite toys growing up so i still feel a bond whenever i see him now.

and i am very much looking forward to his new movie. at first i wasn't sure about chris evans playing cap, but the more i see, the more i'm sold.

thanks for looking!


spider-man loves mary jane

well who doesn't love ms. watson? it's been a while since i've drawn spidey on anything more than just a post-it note, so i wanted to give him another go... this time taking his girlfriend (ex-wife?) for a swing. janae told me that mj should always wear purple or green because she's a red head and she should probably never wear a black shirt with khakis (no matter how classic it might be).

thanks for looking!

- nate  x


7 evil exes

scott pilgrim is totally boss. i love the books AND i love the movie. how often does that happen? yes the books are better, but the movie doesn't do anything wrong except be too short. so this is just my little tribute to scott pilgrim and the world. hope you all like my take on the characters

thanks for looking

- nate  x


x-men group poster

so a while back (longer back than i'd like to admit) i drew up all of those individual x-men images hoping to one day compile them in to a group image. for some reason, i could never get it to look quite right. every once in a while, i'd reposition, resize and reconfigure, but it didn't work. so i finally decided to make the changes i needed to make, redrawing arms, changing poses, to make it actually work in a group image. while i was at it, i went ahead and made their costumes a little more mainstream and current... still with a little nate x twist here and there.

hope you all like it!

- nate  x