FACES - Marvel Heroes

I actually painted these a while ago and recently realized I never posted them here. Well, it's never too late! I'm working on some more FACE paintings right now, so you can expect to see a few more X-Men before too long.


Draw Every Day 161-170

I wrapped up my Power Rangers sketches with both of Tommy's first costumes and Alpha 5. Then I tried my take on a few of the main Venture Bros characters and got back in to Marvel's mutants. Follow on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher



A few days ago, it was officially announced that Lee and I will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo this September. If you're in Southern Ohio on September 14th and 15th, stop by and see us. There are plenty of great artists to see and some fun special guests (like Xander, Chewbacca, Gimli, Billy the Blue Ranger and Alpha 5). Lee and I will have lots of stuff for sale including Marvel and DC character posters and Lee's book, Rock of Pages. We can't wait for September and we hope to see you there!


Draw Every Day 151-160

After finishing up my alphabet with Zordon, I took my friend Ben's suggestion to play in the world of Power Rangers for a little bit longer. Y stands for Yuriko, Z stands for Zod, Zarbon and Zordon. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher