TMNT Elements

Here's the final group of elements all of these recent TMNT posts have been leading to. I wanted to make a big image of all of the little things that I love about the Ninja Turtles universe -- the turtles, the bad guys, the vehicles, the weapons, the pizza...

I may do some more 'elements' images, but this was a challenging and time consuming project. Thanks to everyone who kept up with me throughout the process.

TMNT Faces - More Elements

Trying to broaden my reach from just faces into more of the elements that make up the TMNT world. Baxter was a tricky one for me to try and balance between his iconic 90s cartoon design and his more modern interpretations. His mousers on the other hand are pretty similar across the board.


TMNT Faces - Friends

I like that the Nickelodeon versions of April and Casey are teenagers like the turtles, but my first thought for them is still the classic designs. That's definitely where my designs lean for them, whereas when I tried to combine looks for Splinter, he ended up looking more like the current cartoon version.