COMMISSION: wolverine

My sister-in-law commissioned this Wolverine poster for her boyfriend. He already has my old Wolvie and Logan pics, so I wanted this one to fit in, but stand out. I also tried some new coloring techniques for this one.


New Paintings

These are my newest paintings all up for sale here.

A Boy, a Girl, and a Swing Set

Four Elements - SOLD

Birds on a Wire

Night Owl

Also the Retro Bird Cage.

Also be sure to check out the rest of our shop for some great vintage finds!



Series of 44 monsters - some classic... some not so much - that I made a couple years ago.


soldier for the 4th of July

A while ago, I drew a generic army guy as general practice. I figure Independence Day is a good enough reason to post him.

Hope you all enjoy your hamburgers and fireworks!