I've been thinking about rebranding lately with a more though out logo that better represents me. Later this summer, I'll be printing a large banner and business cards for my comic con display so I want to make sure I have a good eye-catching presence.

Draw Every Day 141-150

The next ten drawings are more of my alphabet project. As the alphabet went on, people started voting for more and more charaters for each letter. Instead of just picking one vote, I decided to draw each character that got a vote. O is for Omega Red . P is for Power Girl . Q is for the Question and Quicksilver . R is for Robin and Rocksteady . S is for Spider-man, Superman, Storm and Silver Surfer . T is for Thor, Thing and Toad . U is for Unus the Untouchable . V is for Venom and Vertigo . W is for Wolverine, Wonder Woman and Warlock . X is for X23. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher


Meeting the Green Ranger

I guess I never posted the picture from when I got to meet the Green Ranger aka Tommy Oliver aka Jason David Frank at the Cinci Comic Expo last September. He was super nice and is actually the second celebrity I've met (the first being Dave Chappelle). He signed one of the posters I made of him (with all three names) and talked to me some about the convention and I told him that he's my favorite Ranger. Toward the end of the last day of the convention, I went back to his booth and handed him a copy of the poster to and thanked him for coming to the show. Again he was super nice and shook my hand. The comic cons in southern Ohio are still pretty small and pretty new, so he's one of the biggest celebritites we've had. Looking ahead to this September, it looks like I'll get to meet the Blue Ranger and a few other childhood heroes as the Cinci Comic Expo continues to expand.

MMPR: the Green Ranger

I had planned on doing individual posters for each of the six original Rangers, but now I'm planning something much bigger. So stay tuned...


Draw Every Day 131-140

Continuing my alphabet where I let people on Instagram vote for the next character - E is for Electro . F is for Forge . G is for Galactus . H is for Hawkeye . Is for Iceman . J is for Joker . K is for Krang . L is for Loki . M is for Mojo . N is for Nightwing. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher


4 years

Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife, Janae. Everything reminds me of her.


PORTRAIT: Brittany and Rick

I thought this one was a fun request. Brittany loves her Dutch boyfriend Rick.


Draw Every Day 121-130

Drawing female characters from so many teams and franchises made me think of some other characters I had never drawn. This really got me thinking about fun characters and I decided to do a little alphabet project. I started with "A is for America" and let people vote on what character I should draw next. B is for Black Widow. C is for Carnage. D is for Deathstroke. More of the alphabet coming soon. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher


Draw Every Day 111-120

As I continued practicing female characters, I took a few breaks for some other fun characters. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher


Ben and Amanda - Thriller

My friend and old college roommate Ben commissioned me to do this portrait of him and his girlfriend. Amanda has apparently been a huge Michael Jackson fan since she was a kid, so Ben had me do a Thriller-theme for her.


Draw Every Day 101-110

I feel like I need more practice drawing female characters, so I spent some time drawing my favorites. I also felt the need to draw an adventuring pug. Because pugs are awesome. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher