Moving on from the bounty hunters, I kept switching back and forth from sith to jedi. I thought a good place to start would be with the big bad sith, Darth Sidious, the Emperor.


Draw Every Day 301-310

So when November rolled around, I had the new Thor movie on my brain. After drawing his friends, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif, I spent a night on Batman and turned my attention to Star Wars.


Kid Omega

I've been re-reading Grant Morrison's New X-Men lately, and one of my favorite parts is the riot at Xavier's. Quentin Quire is a great character and his downward spiral challenges a lot of Xavier's ideals and makes for a fun read.



Okay, I know nothing about this character. She is card #8 and I skipped her originally because I have no idea who she is. Now that I'm getting back in to doing these card recreations, I thought I should go back and fill in the gap before going too much further.

Revanche who's name is French for "revenge", appears to share the memories and powers of her fellow X-Man, Psylocke!

The artist for this card must have really loved curly hair - those curls are epic! They were also a ton of fun to draw, so I don't really blame him.


Draw Every Day 291-300

More and more monsters and creeps every night in October. After Halloween, I started working on a couple of my own characters and the Winter Soldier. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher



The last of my bounty hunters. But don't worry, I have a lot more Star Wars characters coming up soon...


Draw Every Day 281-290

Like I said. I was in full Halloween mode, so I had fun drawing monsters and stuff all month long. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher



I still have a couple more Star Wars bounty hunters in my collection...


Draw Every Day 271-280

So other than this Wonder Woman concept, I was in full Halloween mode for the month of October. I thought I would just end up drawing a few monsters throughout the month, but they definitely took over. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher