Pencil Box Week 3 - Literary Characters

For week three, we just had to draw anyone from a book. I chose Max and Carol from Where the Wild Things Are

Pencil Box Week 2 - Kevin Smith

For the second week, the theme was Kevin Smith movies. 95% of the artists contributing chose Jay and Silent Bob.


Draw Every Day 331-340

I was going through a TMNT phase, but I was also really excited for Spider-Man after seeing the first trailer for the new movie, so I just kept switching back and forth between drawing characters from each universe. I also tried playing with adding a touch of color to some sketches. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher


Wonder Woman

Every year for Valentine's Day, I try to buy Janae a gift but also make her some artwork. This year, I made a Wonder Woman poster for her. It's the same style as all of my other posters, but this is a special one-off just for Janae.


Happy Valentine's Day

I'm going on a romantic road trip tomorrow with my beautiful wife, so I have to post this a day early. Hope you guys have a great v-day. Here's one of my favorite comic couples to celebrate


Pencil Box Week 1 - Batman Villain

Some of the guys I follow on Instagram are doing a weekly art challenge called Pencil Box. This is the first week and they chose the theme of Batman villains. Naturally, I took the opportunity to draw one of my favorite rogues - Two Face.


Draw Every Day 321-330

I kept working my way through the Star Wars character list. I just couldn't stop myself. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher


Draw Every Day 311-320

All I really wanted to do was draw Boba Fett. Then I just went totally Star Wars crazy and drew a bunch of bounty hunters, sith, jedi and other favorite characters. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher