heads up

updating my blog some more with a brand new header. just got the idea this morning so i thought i'd go for it. i also made up this new button series to help with navigation around the blog. i thought about just using the icons, but decided to also include the words.


neca tmnt

i've been horribly busy lately moving in to a new apartment with the wife, so i haven't had much time to finish anything. sure i've been able to sketch some things, but the scanner has been packed away and my drawing table is covered in boxes... hopefully i'll be able to post some real work soon, but in the meantime here are some photos of some of my favorite toys. neca did an unbelievable job creating figures of the ninja turtles from the early comics. this are super detailed and extremely faithful to the source material. they are very articulated and definitely the best versions of the turtles in plastic.

the only drawback with these guys is that they are comic accurate, so they all wear red masks. i grew up on the old cartoon show, movies and action figures so i always think of them as wearing blue, orange, purple and red. i did a little photoshopping to see how they would look if they were in their 90s action figure colors. if they re-released these figures in these colors... i'd probably buy another set. (just don't tell the wife!)
now i just need to find an april and hope they finally make shredder and everybody else!



evil in progress...

i've been working on some of the super squad's super villains the past couple days. unfortunately, this is all i can show you for now. i don't want to spoil any surprises!

more to come