Moon Phases

I see all that is possible. 

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


Litte 90s X-Villiains

All of my little 90s X-Men are finished up, including the villains. I may do some more in the future to fill out the team and do a few more fan favorites. All of these are available as shirts on my TeePublic site where they're still on sale this weekend.


More Little 90s X-Men

I hope you guys are liking these. I'm thinking about turning these into some t-shirt designs and a big group poster. Who are your favorite X-Men?


Little 90s X-Men

I was able to turn these little guys around pretty quickly. I love how they came out. You can definitely expect to see more members of the team in this style.


Inktober 2015 - Little 90s X-Men part 3

What good are heroes without their villains? Here are a few of my favorites. I still kept their designs based on the 90s cartoon show, which are also their most classic looks if you ask me.