About Me

I am an illustrator who likes to draw superheroes, cartoon characters, animals, and skulls. I'm currently working on my first comic series (I can't talk about it yet but it's going to be awesome). I live in Ohio with my beautiful wife and adorable pug. This space is blog branch of my website (https://www.natexopher.com/) where I can talk a little more freely, show off some extra work, and give some peaks behind the scenes. Take a look around. I hope you like what you see.

- Nate Xopher


  1. I looooove your work :D If you ever want to do a joint project comic as a split profit deal, let me know ;)

    Dan Barnes


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  3. Hey Nate, just saw your Humpty Dumpty work on AGT, beautiful work! Nicely done sir!

  4. Hello nate, I saw your geometric wolf art, I am in need of a logo for my company with the name wolf in it, and a design like yours would be perfect for the company!

    Contact me please: sirexzib@gmail.com

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  6. I am working with an art council to create some street art for the city. I saw your geometric hawk and would like to discuss using it or a similar creation. Please contact me at avita.slc@gmail.com
    Thank you.