lone wolf characters

i'm working on a movie this semester about a lone wolf character. i figured, what better way to emphasize him being a lone wolf than having him be a wolf (cartoons are fun like that). i tried some different face shapes and proportions before i finally settled on the one i liked. i don't draw animal characters as much as i should, so it takes me longer to figure out how they fit in my style. once i had the male wolf, rocky, it was easier to come up with the girl wolf (still working on a name). i wanted the movie to take place in a desert so i tried to dress rocky appropriately. a black t-shirt may not be the smartest choice, but i thought it worked well with his utility belt, pants, boots and handkerchief. the girl wolf is more in the village area than the desert, so she can wear more civilian clothing. i thought her scarf was a good complement to rocky's handkerchief.
the bird character (who i'm thinking about naming dexter) is supposed to be a little more earthy. that's why he has green and brown and why he doesn't wear shoes... well he doesn't have shoes for another reason, but you'll see that later.

this is still in production, but i wanted to start introducing it here on my blog so i can bring everyone up to speed for when it's finished. i'm super excited about this project.

- nate x

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