my x-mens

i've often thought about how much i would like to work on x-men. i don't know why, but it's always been my favorite marvel franchise. if i was in charge of them, these are the core members i would use and these are the costumes i would go with.

cyclops- he's the best leader. and he can be a cool character if you let him. he has to keep himself totally under control because he's scared of how powerful he is when he's not in control. he usually keeps his costumes pretty basic, so i tried to do that. i also prefer him to have no hood on his costume.

phoenix- my favorite of the x-girls. she was one of the originals, and the original love interest for cyclops. plus she has good powers and the potential for the dark phoenix is interesting. i wanted to incorporate her green but still keep her costume in line with the others.

beast- he's always been my favorite. i don't know why. probably because my favorite color is blue and that's all it used to take as a little kid. i also like that he can't hide his mutation, plus the whole genius in beast's body is cool. he's never really had a decent costume, though. i am totally against cat-face beast. i think that was a bad choice. i much prefer ape-style beast and tried to emphasize the ape in him, giving him massive forearms and shoulders. i also gave him more of a costume than just pants or underwear. he's tricky though, because he has to keep enough exposed so he doesn't lose his flexibility. i like what i came up with... even if you just see it from the back here.

wolverine- it seems no x-team is complete without wolvie these days. i do like him though. i like how he balances out cyclops. while cyke is always in control and wishes he didn't have to be, wolverine is a wildman wishing he could be more civil. plus, wolverine is like, the ultimate tough guy and i love that about him. he's a runt, so he bulked up as much as he could. he's always the first to rush in to a fight even though he's never the most powerful. he's a cool character and i can see why he's become so popular. i based this costume on his astonishing one. i think it's my favorite for him because it still gives us the stupid mask, stripes and yellow that we love, but also makes it more reasonable. i thought the paneling on the sides also fit well with how i wanted to make their costumes. i gave him a belt with the 'x' on it rather than the little circle because he's more of an add on x-man than an original.

so i wrote a lot more than i planned on... oh well

- nate x

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