TRADING CARDS - Shatterstar

I never thought I'd be posting a drawing of Shatterstar to my blog...

Trained as a warrior 100 years in the future, Shatterstar now lends his considerable combat prowess to the fight against mutant oppression. He came from the future seeking allies and has found a family in X-Force.



I don't know why there are so many time-traveling mutants from dystopian futures and I don't know why so many are related to Cyclops and Jean, but Cable is my favorite from both categories.

I was actually always worried about recreating this card. When I first started this project it seemed very intimidating -- it doesn't match my style at all. But the purpose of this whole project is to push myself to try new techniques and effects. I found it a lot of fun to work on after I committed to it.

Raised in the distant future, Cable traveled through time and space to bring his paramilitary techniques to our era to aid in the struggle for mutantkind's survival.



I wonder how they decided she would have 'good luck' powers.

Little is known about the woman called Domino - in fact, the members of X-Force, who thought they were her teammates, were really dealing with an impostor! The true Domino was the captive of the villainous Dr. Tolliver! But now she's broken free and has resumed her duties as a member of the mercenary squad called the Six Pack!



I guess she was phasing through some electronics and that's why the tv is blowing up? I really tried to simplify the background on this one, while still getting the colors and the overall effect.

Growing up smart in the Chicago suburbs, Kitty Pryde always knew she was different. Little did she realize that she was a mutant and would lead a life of adventure in Europe as Shadowcat with the super hero team Excalibur.


Slave Leia

Some people prefer this costume to the white one she wears in A New Hope...



When I saw the next card was Phoenix, I assumed Jean Grey but it's actually Rachel Summers. I often forget that a few others have had the powers of the Phoenix force. But let's be honest... Rachel and Jean have more than a few similarities.

Born in one possible future, where mutants are killed or imprisoned, Phoenix fled into the past, returning to our era. Now, alongside Excalibur, she fights to ensure that her nightmarish future never comes to pass!