Iron Man Update

I noticed some of my prints were looking a little old and could use a refresh. I tried to make the pose more dynamic, the proportions better, and the colors bolder.


Black Panther

I think the king of Wakanda deserves his own poster. This print will be debuting at the Cincy ComiCon this September along with Captain Marvel and Bebop and Rocksteady.


Captain Marvel

I'm happy to see Marvel is pushing Captain Marvel to be more of a flagship character. We need more cool female superheroes and, well, her name is kind of perfect.


Bebop and Rocksteady

Here it is -- my first finished piece using Manga Studio and a Cintiq! I've always loved Bebop and Rocksteady and have thought about adding them as an available print for conventions so I thought they would be a fun first project. It took some time but I'm feeling pretty comfortable with my process and I'm proud to have this design in my collection. Now I just have to work on being faster!


Learning Curve

I recently got a Cintiq to help improve my art flow. I've had other Wacom tablets that I loved, but felt like this would be the next big step to increase my speed and accuracy. I've also been trying to learn Manga Studio after hearing other illustrators say it's much more natural than Photoshop and better for making comics ...more on that later. Playing around with new software and hardware gave a lot to learn at once, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. This sketch of Bebop and Rocksteady was the first real mile marker toward where I want to go. Sure it's rough and loose, but I'll share the finished design soon.


Favorite Spreads Summer 2016

Here's a look at some of my favorite spreads from the Summer 2016 edition of the print magazine.


Infographic: Lake Erie

Lake Erie has a history of algae trouble. This infographic shows some notable algal blooms as well as some lake facts that help explain why this Great Lake is so easily affected.


Infographic: Carbon Emissions

Taking a look at global carbon emissions, historic levels, and plans for the future.


Infographic: El Nino

This infographic takes a closer look at El Nino and La Nina. While it's difficult to predict when they will occur, we can at least take a look at their history and learn what we can.


Infographic: Rising Temperatures

Temperatures are on the rise and have been for a while. This infographic takes a closer look at record temps, hot years, cold years, and if trends look like they'll continue.