Cards like this one make me wonder what kind of instructions the artists had for creating them. Here we have Jean kneeling in a field of teal (maybe the same place Bishop was hanging out) while missles are being fired at her. It's kind of cool, but super random...

From the moment the X-Men team was formed, Jean Grey was its compassion, its warmth and its grace. Ever since, those qualities - and her commitment to Xavier's dream - have only deepened with time!


Draw Every Day 211-220

Looking at the characters I had drawn so far this year, I noticed there was a lack of super villains. To try and fix that, I had Bad Guy week and asked for suggests on people's favorite baddies. This post also includes a little more Iron Man practice and my version of Snake Plissken from Escape from New York and Escape from Los Angeles.



Storm is definitely a powerful and respectable X-Men character, but honestly never really one of my favorites. I think a big part of that was just how she spoke in the cartoon. It was always so over-the-top and grandiose that I didn't get in to it as a kid.

One of the most powerful X-Men Storm wields the awesome forces of nature with skill and wisdom - the same qualities that have earned her the leadership of the X-Men's Gold team!


Draw Every Day 201-210

More Marvel characters this time. I was thinking about X-Men a lot after seeing the new Wolverine movie. I also wanted to do a few heroes I haven't tried in a while and I spent a little more time working on one of my original characters.



Anybody remember when I was working my way through the X-Men trading cards from the 90s? There are four or five more that I have in various states of completion, so I thought I'd pick up where  I left off. Angel has had some very different looks. I like the more classic look with the feathery wings and blue and white costume, but he's also pretty cool with blue skin, metal wings and a blue and magenta costume.

The carefree Angel was a founding member of the X-Men - but the archvillain Apocalypse transformed him into Archangel. He now struggles heroically to control his savage nature!