Super Squad

Sorry it took so long to post the real image of the Super Squad here, but I kept making minor alterations to costumes and character names and wanted to have those set before I unveiled them all.

From front to back we have Super Bat (the leader), Froggy (the creature), Super Bug (the sarcastic one), Super Deer (the girl) and Super Rat (the smart one). If you couldn't tell by their terrible names and ridiculous costumes, the Squad is somewhat of a parody of super heroes.

I originally came up with the Squad back around the 4th grade. I continued drawing them off and on until about somewhere in high school. Every time I brought them back I updated their looks a little and played with their personalities. When trying to come up with an idea for a comic, I couldn't resist bringing back my childhood creations. This time, though, some major costume changes were made and two of the characters were kind of combined in to a hybrid that doesn't look like either of them (Froggy). I prefer 4 member teams (rather than their initial 6) and neither of the characters I used to make Froggy had much actual personality, so I felt comfortable combining them in to the team pet. It is funny what a 10 year old who loves cartoons comes up with for heroes, villains and everything else, so that's been fun to think back on and figure out what works and what doesn't. Surpisingly, I think a lot of it will work for this project and it's stuff that I probably wouldn't have thought of now for a completely new team. Some stuff was just too weird or didn't make any sense to bother about translating to the newest version of the Super Squad.

Hey just for kicks, here's some old versions of the characters circa 2001 (DONE IN MS PAINT!)

Stay tuned for more updates