I am the Wolf

As fun as it is to make my geometric designs, I also want to keep up on the illustrative designs too. Here's the first of a new series of people who are a little more in touch with their spirit animals.

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


TMNT Inks - Raphael

The next turtle I decided to take on is the bad boy of the group -- Raphael. I used some different shades of gray to help differentiate him from Leo. I like that their designs for the new show even have different color belts, wraps and elbow and knee pads.


Spirit Animal - Lion

I'm really excited about this one. I played with a lot more geometry and color, so I hope you guys all like it too.

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


TMNT Inks - Leonardo

I'm very comfortable drawing small figures in my sketchbook, so to help push myself, I thought I should try drawing some larger character portraits in my 9x12 bristol pad. I finished them up with some colored sharpies to give them their signature color. Up first is Leonardo


MMPR - Black Ranger

This year, I got to meet Walter Jones aka Zack Taylor aka the Black Ranger. I made this poster right before the convention so I could get him to sign one for me. When I was a kid, the Black Ranger was always my favorite. I told Walter that he was the cool one and he agreed.


Ms. Marvel

This is still my favorite costume for Ms. Marvel. I wonder what she'll end up looking like for her movie in a few years.


Cracked Skull

I've always liked the imagery of skulls, but I feel like t-shirts with skulls usually go too gothic, too biker, too metal or too something else. I wanted to make a skull that was cool enough for guys, but sweet enough for the ladies, so I made this guy with a rock 'n roll lightning bolt crack.

This is available as a variety of shirts, hoodies, v-necks and onesies as well as coffee mugs, art prints, canvases, phone cases and other stuff. Check it out in my society6 shop.


Revoltech TMNT - Leo and Raph

Earlier this week I received the first two TMNT to be released by Revoltech - Leonardo and Raphael. They are amazing!

I've had a lot of turtles toys over the years -- possisbly too many -- and these are definitely some of my favorites. The NECA figures had been the top for a while, but these may have just taken their spots. As you can see from my last post, I'm a big fan of the Nickelodeon cartoon and these figures match the style perfectly. Much closer than Playmates has ever been able to come. They are also super articulated and can probably hit more poses than any other TMNT figure, although I would have to do a direct comparison to say for sure. The Revoltech joints are a little different from what I'm used to, but I'm getting better at posing them. One thing these figures can do that no other TMNT fig has before -- their eyes move! You can move their bandana left or right to make their eyes shift. If you slide it all the way in one direction, their eyes go "battle mode" white. Such a great feature. Their weapons are also very sturdy and fully painted. Leo also comes with the best accessory any turtle figure has seen before -- a full pizza with individually removable slices! I'm sure I'll have more pics later, especially in a couple weeks when Mikey and Donnie come in.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes II

I've been drawing the turtles with more influences from the Nickelodeon show lately, so I thought I would update my TMNT poster to show that. I'm not taking on that style completely, but I have been taking some keys for all the turtle characters -- three toes, foot wraps, brighter colors and rounder heads. I also still like color-coded weapons and smaller ankles and wrists. I'm a fan of almost all TMNT incarnations, so I like to combine bits and pieces into my own designs.


Winter Soldier

If I had to pick, I would say that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the best comic book movie this year. The action was amazing, the story was great, and everyone nailed their part. The Winter Soldier was such an ominous threat and a great sympathetic villain. Can't wait to see where the MCU goes from here.



The Incredible Nightcrawler is another one of my new prints for this year.


Spirit Animal - Rabbit

By popular demand -- my next spirit animal is the rabbit. Sometimes, you just have to follow that white rabbit.

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


Spirit Animal - Stag

The second in a series of designs inspired by spirit animals. I actually sketched this one before the wolf because for some reason I wanted to find a cool way to draw antlers. You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.



Spirit Animal - Wolf

This is the first of a series of designs inspired by spirit animals. I started with the wolf, because that's the animal I like to identify with. You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora

Adopted daughter of Thanos, deadly assassin and the most dangerous woman in the universe.


Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Lord

I've been working the whole team lately. I'll be adding all of the Guardians over the weekend. To kick it all off, here's Star Lord.


Boy x Girl x Tree

I'm happy to announce my first Boy x Girl prints are now available on my society6 store!

I have made a few paintings in the past with my boy and girl theme, but now you can own them as prints, posters, canvases, mugs, phone cases and more.

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I think Forge should always be at the mansion building stuff for the team -- upgrades to Cerebro, the Blackbird, Danger Room and creating cool new tech.

Inventor, shaman, adventurer -- all these words describe Forge, whose myriad talents have proven their worth time and time again in battle at the side of the X-Men -- and are now put to the test in his new role as X-Factor's government liason!


Science is Fun part II

Here's another random selection of science graphics that I've had to create for work



I really enjoyed recreating this card -- probably because it was so much easier than they usually are!

Polaris's powerful attraction is more than her beauty! It could be the pull of her mutant magnetic abilities -- or maybe the appeal of a woman dedicated to the fight for justice!



Havok has had some bad luck with costumes. His original had goofy head-gear and this biker jacket and head-sock isn't a whole lot better. Why did everyone have that thing on their head back in the 90s? It's so impractical and serves no purpose. His face, ears and hair are all showing -- that's not a mask!

The once-impulsive brother of the X-Man Cyclops has matured into a seasoned, capable leader in his own right -- as the head of the crusading band of mutants known as X-Factor!


Emma Frost

 I've been working on a lot more character posters in preparation for this year's conventions. First up, is the White Queen herself -- Emma Frost.


Science is Fun part I

Here are a handful of the infographic style images I've had to do for work. In addition to manufacturing and selling scientific equipment, we also have a science resource 'book' website. This gives me a chance to try to simplify scientific concepts in to easily understood graphics.


TRADING CARDS - Cannonball

Cannonball has such a weird power set. He can fly as a human rocket and he's invincible while he's flying... and he's also immortal or something.

Growing up in remote coal mine country, Sam Guthrie never guessed he'd someday blast into action as the super hero Cannonball, let alone that he was one of hte immortal mutants known as the Externals.



X-Force has some of the most outrageous costumes in the 90s -- shoulder pads, belts, glasses and this costume even has her name running down the side of her leg.

Boomer can't seem to stop making noise - whether it's the sound of her time bombs exploding r her tireless talk of cute guys, rad new malls, and the lousy fashion sense of other super-types!


Super Mario

Here's a slightly different take on Mario that I did for a random Sketch Dailies theme.



They may not be the best soldiers, but at least there are a ton of them



I usually have a soft spot for 90s era costumes, but I'm definitely glad that Warpath has moved past this. 

Warpath who had blamed the X-Men for his brother's death, has put aside his misplaced bitterness to join the fight for mutant survival. He is a formidable warrior with a proud and noble heart.



I don't usually stray too much from super heroes when I'm drawing, so when Pencil Box came up with the theme of Vikings I figured I should get out of my comfort zone and give it a shot.

I also got a little more practice inking and using colored pencils.


TRADING CARDS - Shatterstar

I never thought I'd be posting a drawing of Shatterstar to my blog...

Trained as a warrior 100 years in the future, Shatterstar now lends his considerable combat prowess to the fight against mutant oppression. He came from the future seeking allies and has found a family in X-Force.