MMPR Mega Bloks

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mega Bloks released the original 6 rangers as minifigs. Being such a fan of mini figures, I had to buy these as soon as I saw them.


Draw Every Day 261-270

This update has a few random characters and the start of my Halloween celebration. I also shared a character that I've been tossing around for a while. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher


Treasure Hunters

Two of my favorite characters from Rudolph - Yukon Cornelious and Abominable "Bumble" Snowman. I imagine that they go on to have fun adventures together searching for silver and gold.

Draw Every Day 251-260

After the comic con, I finished off the alphabet again with Z for Zemo and started it back up with B for Bucky. I took a little break to draw some Guardians of the Galaxy after I got to Drax. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher



I sometimes feel bad for Greedo. He was really just used to give Han a little bit of back story and mystery. He's really just gets introduced, says some threats and then is shot and left for the bartender to clean up.


Draw Every Day 241-250

Continuing my second run through the alphabet, but when I got to the letter N I got distracted and just started drawing Watchmen characters. Then, since Rorschach and Silk Spectre were on my list for R and S, I picked things back up at T for Two-Face. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher