Big Red Monkey

Hellboy is awesome and, although I enjoy the movies and animated features, nobody does him as well as Mike Mignola. It's funny, it's creepy, it's dramatic and the artwork is beautiful. If you've never read Hellboy, go out and do yourself a favor.

I always like it when HB slings the creeper over his shoulder, so that's what I did for this piece


Along Came a Spider...

So I've been hard at work getting the rest of my pin ups finished for the con. This is one of the three I've been working on this past week. I don't know why I always seem to work on a handfull of projects at once instead of just finishing one and then moving on...

Anyway, I figured Spidey would look best next to Venom from my last post




Ghost Rider v2.0

No, not the sequel to the Nicolas Cage movie...

I thought I'd spruce him up a little as I'm thinking of making him one of my prints for sale at the Gem City Comic Con. The Con is April 11, so mark your calendars. It's only $6 to get in or $5 if you have a student ID so you really don't have an excuse not to come.

My big bro got a table this year and he's letting me sit at it with him to try and get the X name out there. We will both have prints for sale and he's working on getting a few comics ready as well. You can check his stuff out at his page rockin' website.

Gem City Comic Con April 11. Be there or be... somewhere else.


X-MEN: professor xavier

Well... kind of. I went with a psychic projection rather than his phsyical self so he could kind of just watch over the team instead of stand (sit?) with them.

He's the last member for my line up so all I have to do now is the final composition. I think I might do a couple touch ups to some characters, but I should be posting it soon.


X-MEN: shadowcat, white queen, havok

So these guys might not always be essential, but Shadowcat (Kitty) has always been pretty popular and White Queen (Emma) has been pretty important lately. Havok is just a personal favorite of mine.

I think of Kitty as being a bit younger and less experienced so I went with a little more of a basic costume. It also kind of reflects her Astonishing costume.. which was probably her best. She's changed a lot over the years, but still maintains her youth and optimism for the most part.Emma gets to break a few rules with her costume... I'm not talking about what you're probably thinking about right now. I let her be even more monochromatic than Iceman who is covered in ice, even down to having the only white belt. I debated over her X being red or white, but I wanted to keep some sort of conformity throughout the uniforms.Havok typically has a simple costume so I tried to keep my version that way. He has a little trouble controlling his power (must run in the family) so his full body suit helps contain it. I also like his big gauntlet that help focus the power because it adds some unique shapes to his character. I think part of why I like Havok is because he and Cyclops are kind of like me and my big brother... but I don't constantly compare myself with my big bro. Havok could be so much cooler if he would just step out of Cyclops's shadow instead of complaining about it. I don't know if you'll notice, but I tried to have as much family resemblence between Cyclops, Cable and Havok as I could... maybe a little more so with Cyke and Cable.

That leaves just one more character for my X-Men. Can you guess who it is?


X-MEN: cable and bishop

These guys hail from two different alternate futures in the X-Men timeline... timelines? Neither future looks very positive for humans or mutants. Cable's is more of a constant war and Bishop's is filled with mutant concentration camps. Both guys are huge gun-toting soldier types and both think it's their own responsibility to save the future.

Cable started off a lot more militant, but has become less so over the years. He's still not a guy you want to mess with, but now he might use a staff against you instead of the biggest gun you've ever imagined. His original look was unfortunately designed by Rob Liefeld and featured giant shoulder pads and approximately 75 belts (each riddled with pockets and pouches) wrapped around various parts of his body. Over time this has been simplified and streamlined and he has grown to adopt more traditional X-Team colors. I drew him somewhere between his current costume and an older classic.Bishop is famous for a few things other than the 'being from the future' thing. One is the M brand over his eye, two is the red bandana around his neck, three is a mullet. I opted out of the last one. Bishop's a cool enough character when he's fighting evil humans or robots or aliens or mutants, but now he seems to be fighting good mutants... specifically Cable. This doesn't sit well with me. Sure, it makes the mutant baby hope for the future thing interesting, but I'm with Cable all the way, so Bishop isn't currently anywhere near my favorites list.

Rounding out my X-Men will be some other cool characters.


X-MEN: gambit, rogue, psylocke

Back in the day, X-Men had two teams, Gold and Blue. Most of the members were from the first two classes, but the Blue team had some newer members.

Gambit is awesome. It's hard not to like this guy... unless it's the Gambit from the Wolverine movie. In the comics, Gambit has pretty much only had one costume. Cartoons have tried variations and I took some inspiration from all of them. You basically just have to make sure he has his signature coat and is wearing black and magenta. He always talks like he's super confident, even refering to himself in third person, but seems unsure of his place on the team.Rogue is a cool character if you give her flight and strength. The whole 'I can't touch anybody or be close to anybody' thing only goes so far... and isn't always helpful in a fight. I much prefer the tough southern belle dramatic one. It adds another layer. She typically wears green and yellow and had a short coat in the 90s that... maybe doesn't make much sense, but it adds something. I also like the hood she sports now, but maybe I just like the 90s too much. I gave her the newer style hair, but I'm not sure I'll ever understand the white streak.Psylocke is a character that I actually don't know a whole lot about. I know she's a telepath and a great fighter. Apparently she was just a British telepath but then someone took her mind and put it into a ninja with purple hair. I don't know, but it makes her look cooler I guess. I tried to add some sort of Japanese influence to her look instead of just giving her a leotard.

Who's up next? Maybe I can interest you in a few time travelers...