It's Turbo Time!

Celebrating with one of my favorite holiday movies. Merry X-mas everyone - I hope you all get the Turbo-Man "doll" you asked for!



Mad Monster Party

I've always had a soft spot for monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Werewolves and for Halloween, so I was pretty excited when I found Mad Monster Party on Netflix. Sure it's a little too long and the story isn't that great, but they designed some great characters for it. This is a quick sketch I made after watching the movie.

Happy Halloween!


GOTHAM: Two-Face and Mr Freeze

These are really fun little projects to work on when I need a break from my bigger projects (coming soon). I took a lot of inspiration from Batman: the Animated Series with these two... well maybe with all of these Batman characters, really. That show is still my favorite version of the Batverse.


GOTHAM: Batman, Robin and Joker

So I thought I'd take a second try at Batman and Robin before moving on to the other characters. I tried a little bit different approach and cleaned up some lines and colors. So here we have Batman, Robin and the Joker.


BEAST WARS: Maximals

Anybody else recently rewatch this show on Netflix? Beast Wars was one of my favorites growing up, but the character design is pretty crazy. I went with their first season looks and tried to streamline things where I could.



This was another great summer for super hero movies. We opened the summer with Avengers, had a little Spider-man to get us through the middle and closed with a bang with Dark Knight Rises. It is weird having Avengers and DKR in the same summer - we've been building up to both of these movies for years. Batman Begins, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America have all lead us to this epic summer. Now what?

Anyway, seeing DKR reminded me how much I love Batman, so I'll be doing some quick portraits of the citizens of Gotham.


LOGO DESIGN - Coughlin Concrete

A co-worker asked me to help with her boyfriend's family business logo. I was happy to oblige. They already had the concept for it but just needed a designer's touch to clean it up and implement it.



Launching the new "NATE XOPHER" look on the blog today. It needed an update.



I saw it opening night and it instantly became my new favorite super hero movie (also the best, in my opinion). Totally lived up to the hype. I reall can't say enough good things about this movie, so I won't try. Aboslutely loved it.


Avengers Assemble

I told you I'd have more Avengers. I tried to include both the movie team members and the cartoon team members so fans of either could enjoy. I went pretty traditional with everyone's costume - with a little of the modern and a little of the cartoon mixed in.



Hawkeye is quickly becoming one of my favorite Avengers as I'm rewatching Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I'm really freakin excited about the Avengers movie and even though they didn't get his costume right, I hope they get Hawkeye's personality right. Now that I mention it, I guess I didn't even get ol' Clint's costume right... Oh well. I've got another image of him (and his buddies) coming up soon!


PORTRAIT: Max and his Mom

I did this one for my friend Max around Christmas. He wanted to give this to his mom commemorate a trip to Chicago.

Want to give someone a custom portrait as a present? Email me at nate00x@gmail.com with some photos and we can get started.
Digital print out starts at $40 for up to two people with an additional $5 for each additional person - 5x7", 8x10" or 11x17"

(payments to be made through PayPal)


PORTRAIT: Stephanie + Jacob

Our friends got married a couple weeks ago and this was part of our gift to them. I based it from a favorite photo of theirs and made sure to include some of their favorite colors.

Want to give someone a custom portrait as a wedding present? Email me at natexopher@gmail.com with some photos and we can get started.
Digital print out starts at $40 for up to two people with an additional $5 for each additional person - 5x7", 8x10" or 11x17"

(payments to be made through PayPal)



Just an update on Zero's turn around from last time. I wasn't quite satisfied with having just the outline around the far edges of the character, so I spent some time adding more linework. Also, thanks to Lee Xopher pointing out that you can use Photoshop to make animated GIFs, I present to you Zero spinning forever with proper coloring.



Bishop apparently comes from a future where the mullet is still in fashion. But seriously... Bishop has a really cool mutant power and was overall a good enough member of the X-family until recently. I think Bishop (along with many other cool mutants) tend to get lost in the masses so it's always nice to see him pop up in video games and different things ... although video games tend to focus on him using guns despite having a much cooler mutant power. And I guess if we're being totally honest I'd rather have Cable included in something than Bishop.

Unable to return to the brutal future timeline he calls home, Bishop now uses his formidable fighting skills as a member of the team he once knew only as legend: the uncanny X-Men!