TRADING CARD - Nightcrawler

I had a lot of fun with this card. I am trying to push myself to try new techniques and methods while drawing and coloring instead of solely relying on my geometric shapes. I think the two styles work well together to create some interesting effects.

Shunned by normal humans due to his outward appearance, Nightcrawler is proof that one's goodness must be measured by thoughts and deeds.


Quick Start Guide

I made this at work a few days ago as an option for our Quick Start Guides -- basically manuals to help new users get their project running. This shows all of our main products as faux engineering drawings to help give a user manual feel. The project manager ultimately decided to go in a different direction, but I like how the illustrations and composition came out.


TRADING CARD - Professor X

Hover chair!

Professor X may possess the greatest mutant mind on Earth! But his awesome mental powers are nothing compared to the greatness of his dream -- a dream of peace between mutants and humans -- the dream his X-Men fight for every day!


TRADING CARDS - Sabretooth

The X-Men are all about second chances -- Magneto, Emma Frost and even Sabretooth. It's still hard to believe they let this psychopath on the team.

Striking with all the savagery of his prehistoric namesake, Sabretooth leaves a bloody trail wherever his mercenary talents take him - which is usually straight into trouble!


Pencil Box - Captain America

To celebrate the release of The Winter Soldier, the theme this week for Pencil Box was Captain America characters. I couldn't help but draw the Captain, himself. Once I finished him, I realized Falcon would fit nicely in the corner.

Cap's costume design is inspired by Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Kris Anka's concepts.


Draw Every Day 351-365

Looking back through, I realized I skipped posting a group of drawings back from July. So here they are mixed in with the rest of my X-Mas drawings and the last few from the end of 2013. I'm very happy to say that my Draw Every Day was a success -- I pushed some limits, I practiced things I felt were weak, I celebrated movies and holidays and commited myself to putting pencil to paper every day for a year. You can still see my updates a few times a week on Twitter and Instagram @natexopher