Warrior Wolf

This started as just a fun character design trying to make a anthro wolf who was some kind of knight / warrior / adventurer. I really dug the design, so I kept playing around and tweaking him and then put him in this battle-ready pose with his magic sword. Stay tuned for further updates with this guy, I've got plenty of ideas for him but I'm still working on a good name.


Spider-Man shirt

I thought it would be fun to turn my Spider-Man poster illustration into a t-shirt design. You can check it out in my TeePublic shop along with a few other items. It's only $14 for the first 72 hours!



I Can See Forever

I thought of this one while I was driving and listening to Wolfmother. It was also around the same time Janae started learning about chakras and I thought something focusing on the third eye (or in this case the mind's eye) would make for a cool print/t-shirt.

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


Spider-Man's complicated love life

I grew up thinking Mary Jane was the girl for Spidey, but then Emma Stone really owned the role of Gwen Stacy in the new movies and made me reconsider. I probably still pull toward MJ overall, but everyone has their favorite so I made a variant poster.