toy story 3

i'm really looking forward to this weekend. the first thing to be excited about is the next toy story movie. this is just a quick colored sketch, but i wanted to do something because i love these movies so much.

more as the week progresses.


mega x-men

okay, so i know i've stated before that i love x-men... so hopefully that at least half-explains this. i used to work a lot in ms paint before i was introduced to photoshop and all of creative suite. i got nostalgic for my old sprites and gif animations and all that and thought i'd try to figure out how to do it with photoshop. turns out, it's much more complicated to primitive stuff in photoshop than it is to do in paint. but i was messing around on my sister-in-law's computer and even paint isn't the primitive beast it used to be. makes me sad, actually. i miss my old processes and cheats and i-guess-this-works and all that i used to do in paint. i didn't really get in to the groove with photoshop because of all of the layers and there's no easy way to erase pixel by pixel... so i created some of my favorite x-men and that's probably all i'll do like this... unless someone can hook me up with an old school version of ms paint...