Draw Every Day 82-90

After doing all of those Street Fighters, I wanted to do some more classic Nintendo characters (oh and also Wolverine, The Tick and Arthur). Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instragram @natexopher for daily updates


PORTRAIT: Val and Paige

This one was for a new mother and her friend as they started a mommy blog.


Draw Every Day 71-81

After working on the Nintendo characters, I thought I'd do some of my favorite Street Fighters (and Archer, above). Follow me @natexopher


QUOTE: Colliding in Space

Janae and I are big INTERPOL fans, so when she told me that frontman Paul Banks had a solo album, we were all over it. The final track on the album, Summertime is Coming, is one of my favorites and this is probably my favorite line from that song

galactic image from goodfon


Draw Every Day 61-70

I drew a few more X-Men sketches before moving in to some Nintendo characters. Check me out on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates @natexopher



My buddy Tim has been working on a more medieval interpretation of DC's heroes. This is my take on his take of Batman.