Geometric Hawk

I've wanted to add a bird to my spirit animal series for a while now, but I've always found birds difficult to draw. I forced myself to stick with it and figure it out and it actually wasn't too bad once I started really looking at their wings. This design probably has the most polygons in it so far, surpassing even the lion.

You can buy this design as a print, poster, t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop case, phone case and probably some other things too. Check it all out on my society6 shop.


Jurassic World

I had a few commissions pop up at the end of last year, including three from one fan I met at a convention in September. As a Christmas gift for his daughter, he asked me to draw her swooning over Owen from Jurassic World as they ride his bike with the raptor squad. This was tricky to figure out (I really don't like drawing vehicles) but it was a a fun piece and we all loved the way it turned out.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Faces

This is a little part of a bigger project. I still have a long way to go, but this is a good place to start. These are heavily influenced by the Nickelodeon designs because those are some of my favorites. I want this project to incorporate design queues from the new cartoon, the old cartoon, the comics and movies... plus they need to have my signature added in. Expect to see more from this series soon.