X-MEN: shadowcat, white queen, havok

So these guys might not always be essential, but Shadowcat (Kitty) has always been pretty popular and White Queen (Emma) has been pretty important lately. Havok is just a personal favorite of mine.

I think of Kitty as being a bit younger and less experienced so I went with a little more of a basic costume. It also kind of reflects her Astonishing costume.. which was probably her best. She's changed a lot over the years, but still maintains her youth and optimism for the most part.Emma gets to break a few rules with her costume... I'm not talking about what you're probably thinking about right now. I let her be even more monochromatic than Iceman who is covered in ice, even down to having the only white belt. I debated over her X being red or white, but I wanted to keep some sort of conformity throughout the uniforms.Havok typically has a simple costume so I tried to keep my version that way. He has a little trouble controlling his power (must run in the family) so his full body suit helps contain it. I also like his big gauntlet that help focus the power because it adds some unique shapes to his character. I think part of why I like Havok is because he and Cyclops are kind of like me and my big brother... but I don't constantly compare myself with my big bro. Havok could be so much cooler if he would just step out of Cyclops's shadow instead of complaining about it. I don't know if you'll notice, but I tried to have as much family resemblence between Cyclops, Cable and Havok as I could... maybe a little more so with Cyke and Cable.

That leaves just one more character for my X-Men. Can you guess who it is?

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