X-MEN: gambit, rogue, psylocke

Back in the day, X-Men had two teams, Gold and Blue. Most of the members were from the first two classes, but the Blue team had some newer members.

Gambit is awesome. It's hard not to like this guy... unless it's the Gambit from the Wolverine movie. In the comics, Gambit has pretty much only had one costume. Cartoons have tried variations and I took some inspiration from all of them. You basically just have to make sure he has his signature coat and is wearing black and magenta. He always talks like he's super confident, even refering to himself in third person, but seems unsure of his place on the team.Rogue is a cool character if you give her flight and strength. The whole 'I can't touch anybody or be close to anybody' thing only goes so far... and isn't always helpful in a fight. I much prefer the tough southern belle dramatic one. It adds another layer. She typically wears green and yellow and had a short coat in the 90s that... maybe doesn't make much sense, but it adds something. I also like the hood she sports now, but maybe I just like the 90s too much. I gave her the newer style hair, but I'm not sure I'll ever understand the white streak.Psylocke is a character that I actually don't know a whole lot about. I know she's a telepath and a great fighter. Apparently she was just a British telepath but then someone took her mind and put it into a ninja with purple hair. I don't know, but it makes her look cooler I guess. I tried to add some sort of Japanese influence to her look instead of just giving her a leotard.

Who's up next? Maybe I can interest you in a few time travelers...

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