the mushroom kingdom

i think this is probably about as far back as i'll go with my work ... unless i find something really cool i just have to show you.

this came from a joke i made a while back. the idea was to make the mushroom kingdom just a crappy apartment building rather than a magical land. bowser would be the landlord and the other characters would just be living there. mario and luigi are still plumbers and yoshi is their pet iguana. toad is a kid who lives down the hall and peach is the girl living right across from them.
basically it was just a fun way to ruin your favorite characters... in a fun way...
bowser would still be the bad guy because he'd always want their rent and everybody would go out and have go kart races and stuff... yeah... you get the idea

plus, in doing the research for this i realized wario is like the coolest guy ever.
seriously. just look at him.

- nate x

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