portrait of an artist as a young family man

i made this little illo for my wife for christmas. i thought it'd be fun to draw out little family and she liked it so much she wants me to print it and have it framed in our living room on top of a book shelf. that's a little weird for me because i don't usually hang up my own work in my living space (unless it's the studio and it's something i'm working on). still, i'm flattered she loved my little gesture so much.

sorry i haven't posted much lately. as you can see, i'm in the middle of fixing up the blog ... it just doesn't look how i want it to look... yet


  1. Love your doggie! I always feel weird hanging recent finished work on display in my house (like I'm bragging or something) but I think a portrait of your fam would be something cute-- and the fact that it's illustrated would just make it all the more special.

  2. i think you're exactly right, abigail. i definitely don't want anyone to think i'm tooting my own illustration horn, but i love that my wife loves the image that much. and like you said, since it's an image of the little fam-fam, it is a little more special than just whatever my latest piece is.

    thanks for reading!
    - nate x