Changes and Updates

I've made a few changes lately to help better brand everything. First (well not chronologically) is the new header which you can all see above. Second, I figured out how to make a tab bar (also above) so you can easily navigate between my illustrations, paintings, portraits and commissions. I also finally put up buttons on the right to both The Hers and His Shop (etsy shop for the wife and I) and for LeeXopher (my brother's site - home of the webcomic Rock of Pages).

I also made the switch on deviantART to natexopher. Unfortunately, you can't just change your name on there (which is why I had put it off for so long) so I had to create a whole new account and start over. Fortunately though, this let me start with a clean slate and I can separate myself from some of the really old work from when I joined over 6 years ago.

I have some exciting new stuff coming soon so stay tuned for more X-Men Trading Card recreations and some brand new paintings and illustrations.

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