Jubilee comes in with card #5. I don't think I have ever really drawn Jubilee before. Sure, she was a part of the classic 90s cartoon show which I still love to this day, but she was never my favorite character. I'm also not sure if I've ever read a comic that she was a part of until the modern de-powered/vampire version of her came out recently.

"Rambunctiousness is Jubilee's trademark - whether this teenager from Los Angeles is blasting villains into submission or blasting her boom box on the way to the local mall!"

I know I keep mentioning it, but I'm pretty surprised by who got the first five slots. Cyclops, Rogue, Beast, Gambit and Jubilee probably aren't the first five mutants most people would name, but I think 6-10 will be more surprising.


  1. I was never really an X-MEN fan, but I did own this card, and loved the illustration because I was and remain a HUGE fan of artist Brian Stelfreeze. I even got him to autograph a print of this for me years ago, and he drew an impromptu sketch of me in the margin!

    Thanks for the great re-creation and the great memory!

  2. Great story, Marcel! Glad you like my re-creation. These cards are a lot of fun to work on