Cincinnati Comic Expo 2013

The Cincinnati Comic Expo was a blast this year. I had such a great time with Lee and Janae there, hanging out with like-minded comic fans. There were some talented artists and some great costumes to see - including a home-made Iron Man suit with LEDs that lit up and a moving faceplate. The highlights for me were definitely meeting Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Billy the Blue Ranger (David Yost). They were both super nice and I had fun talking to both of them. Nicholas Brendon was exactly how you think Xander would be in real life - and he hugged both of us before the photo! David Yost seems like a fun guy, too and he even put his hand on my shoulder and said "Nate, I think you're pretty morphenomenal."
It's always great to do a convention and show my artwork to people. Lee and I had a pretty successful weekend selling our work and we're thinking about trying to do more shows next year. 

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