X-MEN: cyclops, phoenix, beast, angel, iceman

As promised here are the first five redesigned by yours truly. With all of these characters, I tried to create new costumes by looking back at what the characters have worn and taking key elements or colors and combining those with my side-panel team costume idea.

Cyclops got a little more detail this time. Quite a bit more, actually. I like his gold trim on his current (Astonishing) costume but I've always liked his stupid belts from his 90s costume. I guess it's a good time to mention that none of the X-Men really need belts. However, I like the idea that their red X circles are communicators and locators, so I went with belts for everyone.Phoenix looks pretty close to how she did in my last drawing. I gave her more of her Phoenix sash/belt and also whited out her eyes. I figure she'd kind of be like Storm how she has eye color when she's normal but they go white when she's powering up.

Beast also got some more detail. He's a big guy and tends to get stuck wearing the big X to identify their team. It happened with their black leather uniforms and with his Astonishing uniform.Angel's costume doesn't typically vary too much. It's been red and it's been blue. For a while he had a really different costume, but he seems to be back in blue. I took away the headpiece so his longer hair could flow. I like the idea of him looking really angelic, kind of like Ultimate X-men, but hopefully not as bad, so here he gets chiseled features and pretty hair.
Iceman should be covered in ice/made of ice, but I don't think he should lose his costume's visibility. I also don't think he should have giant boots. Sure, that's my costume of choice for him when I'm playing Marvel Legends, but not when I'm drawing him.

My next installment of X-Men will be their next installment of classmates... minus a few losers (I'm lookin' at you, Banshee and Thunderbird).

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