The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

Daredevil is my favorite Netflix hero. His two seasons have donea great job showing his journey, his struggles, and his character. I love that he's so compelled to fight for those who need his protection, even when it puts his life at risk. And I don't just mean it puts him at risk of dying, I mean he's willing to sacrifice everything Matt Murdock has worked so hard to achieve if it means helping someone who needs it. I'm not sure anything can top that first hallway fight scene. It's such a perfect example of who he is. He's exhausted, he's outnumbered, but there's a kid at the end of the hall who needs his help. We've spent two seasons in his world, getting to know him and his friends. We've also had some great enemies.

Season one gave us Wilson Fisk, who is amazing to watch. He's very different from the classic Kingpin we know from the comics, but he's on the path to get there. The first season does a great parallel between Matt becoming Daredevil and Fisk becoming Kingpin. Season two gives us Punisher who plays off of Daredevil as a vigilante who isn't afraid to kill. All three want to make the city better. Fisk wants to control all of the crime. Punisher wants to kill all of the criminals. Daredevil has to figure out wha the thinks is right and how far is too far. Halfway through the season they switch to dealing with the Hand and introduce Elektra. It's fun to get more classic Daredevil elements with ninjas and superhero love interests. Some episodes are better than others but I love all of the Daredevil stuff they've given us so far.

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