The Private Investigator

Jessica Jones had an amazing first season. They somehow made a superhero detective show about trauma from abusive relationships work. A big part of the success was with Jessica herself. She's definitely not your typical superhero. She's sassy, she's an alcoholic, she's pessimistic, and she really doesn't want to be a hero at all, but she can't escape her destiny. She also can't escape her past as Kilgrave, or the Purple Man, haunts her and those closest to her. Kilgrave is such an amazing villain in this. It shows how terrifying mind control can be. You never know who you can trust or if you can even trust yourself. He's also convinced that he's in love with Jessica and will do anything to have her back in his life. Jessica has to struggle with who she was and who she wants to be as this seemingly unstoppable force comes after her.

Thankfully, I have never been in this type of controlling relationship, but looking around online you can see many people resonated with it. It's an interesting and important story to tell. This show had punching and evil scientists, but it was so much more than that.

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